Infrared Heating

strategically positioned in specific areas, in order to maintain a comfortable temperature around 38/40°C.

Easy-touch button

The new Easy-touch button is backlit with LED indicating the heating power. Easily identifiable even in the dark, it is made of silicone rubber.

Battery heated socks

The socks allow to maintain your feet warm in cold locations and during any outdoor activity, especially if praticated during the winter season.

"We supply heated vests, socks and gloves with battery power so that you can always travel comfortably!"

(VerwarmMe | battery heated vests, (motorcycle) gloves and socks are made for us by the Italian company Capit, that is why we also use the Capit brand here and there on our site)

During cold periods we often dress in clothing that is not suitable for temperature, climate or activity. And how cold can you feel when you get out of a hot car, leave a heated building or come to a stop after movement? Many outdoor activities lose their appeal due to the cold. But that is now over! You will never be cold again with our battery heated clothing!

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